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...and we make the visitors on your website stay longer and visit more often, by giving them valuable information they can use, and content they find informative and entertaining. We help you make the most of having an Internet presence, by making your website a visually appealing source of great content.

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Industry-focused Marketing

plus user-focused web design & development


We like share and we would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. Follow our blog and get useful information on how to do things yourself. We will also in a limited way answer questions you have about certain topics. We will as far as possible update this blog but we cannot promise when or how often we will update it. .

We will first cover the installation of Drupal on a Windows personal computer and then the installation of Drupal on a hosting account. We first cover Drupal 7 and then we will cover Drupal 8....

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system created to make it easy for people to build websites. It was created using the PHP server-side scripting language and...

I apologize for writing so late in the week but things have been really busy with us and I did not get time to add to our blog.

Let's continue where we left off last time.


Now that you've installed Wordpress on your local it is time to start using the system and to customize your website so it becomes what you envisioned for it. Let's start with the easy stuff and...

We are now going to install Wordpress on your local server so you can to use the system and learn how it functions and what you can do with it. The first thing we need to do is to install all the...

Welcome to our first lesson on how to build your own website using Wordpress, a popular content management system that can be used to create any type of website you desire. These lessons will take...

Want to learn how to build your own website using the popular content management system that is Wordpress? We are going to post lessons on how you can do anything you want using the WordPress...

We Provide Client-focused, Integrity-Driven Services

Performance-driven Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
Definitely one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short matters a great deal when it comes to the amount of traffic any website gets. It is one of the most important factors that determines the amount of traffic on a website. With more than 10 years SEO experience we can put your website on top.
Pay-per-click Management
Also called Search Engine Marketing it a system provided by the search engines that let's website owners advertise their links at the top of search engines for various keywords and phrases. Every time a person click on a link the advertiser is charged a fee that is determined by the advertiser. Whatever search engine you favor we are trained to provide you with value for money search engine advertising, through effective pay-per-click management.
Content Marketing
The Internet is all about content and that is what people are after. The better your content the more likely people will visit your website and tell their friends to visit your website. So first we market your content and then we let the content market your website, by providing interesting and valuable content people can use.
Email Marketing

It is a known fact that email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. People read their emails continuously and mos people can receive emails on their mobile phones. Companies spend millions of dollars on email marketing and that figure has only increased over the last couple of years. We ensure your emails are delivered and people actually open them.

Social Media Marketing
What's hot or what's on all happens on social media first. People find out the latest trends from their friends or where the best place is to eat or exercise. Search engines also put a high value on how active your website is shared on social media and it can determine where your website is placed on a search engine. We help to make social media work for you and your company, event, product or cause. We make social media work for you.

The Digital Marketing Channels

Search Engine Optimization

Effective pay-per-click management

Content marketing that gets the visitors to your website

Focused social media so the right people are targeted

Email marketing is something that works

Sell your products online and make more money

Artistic Graphic Design

Logo Design & Branding
Companies, products, events, causes and many other things in this world require a logo. Logos should be something that can easily be recognized and remembered. They should look good on most mediums and materials. Skree Marketing will create the type of logo that is appropriate to your company, product, event or whatever you need the logo for. Our logos are durable and will stand the test of time. We make them cool from the start so they look great well into the future.
Web Design
Search engines love mobile-friendly websites. That is why we only design responsive, mobile-friendly and professional-looking websites, that are user-friendly and easy to use. The websites we design range from simple static websites to highly functional corporate websites and web applications. Websites that can assist stores looking to sell online and web applications for companies looking to be more productive. Anything that can be done on the Web is something we believe we're capable of doing and that what we cannot do we can surely hire the right person to do it.
User Interface Design
People use user interfaces on a daily basis. It is the window to many applications and devices. Skree Marketing specializes in the design of Desktop and mobile applications and we focus on the end user, since they are the people that will use it the most. The user interface should be a guide to the most important functions of the device or program. We make use of the latest technology and we follow the latest trends to ensure we stay up to date.
Print Design
People print things on a daily basis. Printers need the designs that should go on the poster, flyer, t-shirt or whatever in the correct format. It is important that the design is done so that it can easily be printed on the material it is required for and also so the printers don't have to adjust too many things, or even have to change the design. We design graphics for printing and we always keep the printers in mind so the design is printed correctly, so there are no delays and so everybody wins at the end of the day.

The Design Process

We take your idea and we make it reality

We plan every step of the project

Creative and artistic design

We make the necessary revisions

Client approval before the next step is taken

Once the client is 100% happy we will publish the project

Cutting-edge Web and Mobile App Development

eCommerce Development
E-Commerce is big lately and it is only getting bigger. It really is a lot easier to sell products online than what most people think and we assist people every day to start selling online. We design and develop responsive, mobile-friendly online shopping web applications, for companies and individuals looking to sell products online.
Custom Development
There are many ways to create a website or web application. Custom web development is the most flexible and also gives you the most control of how it should look and what it should be able to do. Custom development are for those companies that know what they want in both style and functionality. It can take a little longer and cost a little more but at the end of the day it is definitely worth it.We boast over a decade of custom development in various web development languages.
Drupal Module and Theme Development
Drupal is a leading content management system that allows the administrator of such a website to manage the content of the website with great ease. The website can easily change to look differently and pages are created on the fly. The system consists of a core system that provide a basic look and feel and functionality. New themes are easily plugged in and new functionality is added by adding contributed or custom developed modules. We have more than 10 years Drupal development experience we can develop any type of custom Drupal module or theme.
Wordpress Plugin and Theme Development
WordPress is another popular content management system that allows the administrator to add content, themes or plugins quite easily. Plugins are available for download from or they can be created by developers writing custom code. With more than 8 years WordPress development experience Skree Marketing can create any type of theme or plugin a client will require. Custom WordPress development for that plugin or theme that just doesn't exist.
Mobile Applications Development
Mobile phones and mobile technology is definitely the way of the future. From simple games to advanced business applications, Skree Marketing develops mobile applications of all sorts and for all types of Android and Apple devices. Do you have a bright idea for the next amazing game? Get the team that is going to stand by you and help you, to make your bright idea a roaring success.

The Development Process

We take your idea and we turn it into a reality

We plan every step of the development process

We sit and do the coding necessary for your project

Testing is very important in the development process

We require client approval to go to the bext step

After the programming and approval from the client we release the project

Fully Supported Hosting

Dedicated Hosting
We are not a hosting company per sé although we provide hosting for most of our clients. This enables us to quickly and without any access problems, fix anything that can cause a website to go offline.
Ample Disk Space
Many hosting packages have strict limits when it comes to the amount of disk space a website may use. Our limits are set very high and we provide our clients with more than enough disk space and bandwidth.
CPanel Supported
CPanel is a US company that has proven to be one if not the best hosting control panels in the world. It is used on more hosting platforms than any other control panel. We provide hosting that is CPanel supported to ensure websites are always online and emails are delivered.
Great Support

We are able to provide 24/7 support for all our clients no matter where in the world they are. We have professional people that have the skills to manage and support our hosting. Issues are resolved within a matter of minutes and not hours or days.

Well Priced
Our packages were created by looking at what's available on the market and improving on every package so our clients not only get great hosting but they get it at a great price too.

Hosting Packages

Search Engine Optimization

Effective pay-per-click management

Content marketing that gets the visitors to your website

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